Brian Shuhaibar
Insurance Agent – Farmers Insurance
​B.A. Business Management

My Philosophy

Very simple, to achieve customer satisfaction!

With over 20 years of experience as well as BA in Business Management, Brian S. has the practice and knowledge to service clients in multiple areas but not limited to Real Estate, also in Home, Auto, Business, and Life Insurance, as well as business development.

Altogether these qualifications, build Brian S. to be the perfect realtor with much enthusiasm and drive to help your family find the perfect home. He not only stops there, but Brian S. also goes above and beyond for all clients to make sure they completely understand the steps throughout the process, always protecting his clients, and insuring all their investments.

“I am honored to service every client’s transactions with top level service, by keeping them informed, negotiating each deal, whether as a buyer or seller, communicating with all parties, and making them feel secure and confident throughout the whole process. As a buyer, I am a strong negotiator and have optimized the buying process so my clients will benefit the most. As a seller, my selling system is structured so that my clients’ properties are thoroughly marketed throughout all the selling systems which results in netting the most money at the end of the transaction.” -Brian Shuhaibar, Realtor® / Insurance Agent

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